Y Linh Ho Village

Y Linh Ho Village landscape

Y Linh Ho Village, Sapa.

Y Linh Ho is a commune consisting of many small residential hamlets scattered across very harsh mountainous terrain with high and steep mountain ranges. Only a few hundred Black H’mong people live in this commune. They built rudimentary houses of earth or bamboo to live in, and they farmed maize and upland rice on steep hillsides.
Introduction to Y Linh Ho village
Many people visit Y Linh Ho village because of its natural and lyrical charm. The Hoang Lien Son mountain range surrounds the town; in addition to the gorgeous mountain range, the community contains streams, rice terraces, and corn fields. Houses built of crude bamboo may be found right within the village. Because of its majesty and beauty, many tourists choose to discover this village when traveling to Sapa.
Learn about the formation of Y Linh Ho village
It is said that, from ancient times, this was a village of the Dao people, by a man who has publicly discovered the name “Ly Linh Ho”. Later, the Dao people moved to another place, and the Mong people settled down, still keeping the name and transcribing it as Y Linh Ho as to remember the old people. Located quite far from the main road, the road to the village is steep and winding, so unlike other villages and hamlets in Sa Pa, this place is not noisy with traffic, but peaceful and quiet.
Discover Y Linh Ho village’s universal beauty¬†
Visitors to Y Linh Ho will be immersed in the stunning natural environment, with green cornfields and rice terraces on the horizon, and experience the traditional weaving method of local people. All of these elements combine to offer a vivid image of nature. The kindness, honesty, and simplicity of the people are the most cherished beauties, making anybody who has visited Y Linh Ho look forward to returning.
The stream fills the terraced fields with water, bringing the source of seafood to the village. In addition, the presence of the Muong Hoa stream brings beauty and attraction to Y Linh Ho village. Since then, the village has become a new tourist destination and attracts visitors.

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