Top 7 best minority villages to visit in Sapa

Sapa minority village

In addition to the beauty, Sapa is a popular tourist destination because of the local way of life. If you visit Sapa, you will get the chance to learn more about the lives of the ethnic minorities. Let’s look over the top 7 best minority villages in Sapa for tourists in this article.

1. Ta Phin Village:

Residents of the Dao and H’mong ethnic groups live in Ta Phin village. About 12 kilometres separate the community from Sa Pa’s main core. One of the northwest highlands communities, Ta Phin village is popular with visitors, photographers, and explorers. There is a wild and magnificent beauty about this place.

Ta Phin village is home to numerous natural caves, in addition to greenery and a mild climate. There are a lot of riddles in that. Here, the cliffs are decorated with elaborate patterns. Visitors can also learn about the distinctive traditional culture of this place by participating in the numerous celebrations, ceremonies, and daily activities of the locals. The vibrant costumes will be admired by visitors. At the same time, you’ll also enjoy the highland specialties, take a smoke bath, and get a taste of the Ta Phin people’s simple way of life. During your journey to Sa Pa, don’t forget to opt to purchase the distinctive brocade goods that make up a brand in Ta Phin village!

2. Sin Chai Village:

Sa Pa district’s northernmost point is where Sin Chai village is situated. The village’s distance from the town center is 4 kilometers. It’s quite calm and basic here. The settlement of Sin Chai is surrounded by greenery and clean air. This village is developing as a unique new tourism destination that draws both domestic and foreign visitors.

Visitors may witness the fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the rice and maize fields in Sin Chai village. Visitors can stroll around the village at sunrise to see the sunset.

3. Cat Cat Village:

Cat Cat has long been a popular tourist attraction since it possesses the distinctive characteristics of a community in the northwest highlands. For both domestic and foreign tourists, this is one of the Sapa villages that they must see. San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, is home to Cat Cat village. The Mong people reside in a major population center here. One of the top Sapa communities to visit is Cat Cat Village.

Cat Cat village is tucked away in the woods at the base of Hoang Lien Son mountain. The entire village is covered in the lush green of the hills, mountains, and farmland. Along with that, there are the inhabitants’ modest homes. They all combine to paint a vivid image of nature. You might enjoy a 2-day easy trekking excursion in Sapa. Tourists are drawn to Cat Cat village not only because of its wild and beautiful surroundings, but also because of the Mong ethnic group’s distinct traditional cultural traits.

4. Y Linh Ho Village:

If you stop at Y Linh Ho village, you will see a mountainous region filled with stunning natural landscapes. Green cornfields, golden rice terraced fields, and basic, rural homes will all be present. This village is about 3 kilometres away from Sapa town. This is a favourite tourist destination as well. You can unwind pleasantly, experience new feelings, and take in exciting moments in Y Linh Ho village. The road to the village is winding and full of wildflowers on both sides, but it is still full of life.

5. Lao Chai Village:

Ethnic minorities like the H’Mong, Tay, and Dao coexist in Lao Chai village. About 7 kilometers separate the village from Sapa town. You must travel all the way along Cau May before turning onto Muong Hoa Street to get to Ban Lao Chai. Visitors will delight in discovering and conquering nature when they visit Lao Chai.

Lao Chai is renowned for its meandering roads, sloping hills, gentle streams, magnificent waterfalls, and varied vegetation. Lao Chai village is a wonderful natural scene that will enchant you more and more the longer you gaze at it. People can also look at the colorful clothes, try the dishes from the highlands, take a cigarette bath, and live in the countryside with the Lao Chai people.

6. Ta Van Village:

This village is found in the Muong Hoa valley at the base of a mountain. Other ethnic groups are present, but the Giay make up the majority. Ta Van is a stunning, ethereal, poetic scene that inspires many individuals to find love. The dazzling terraces of Ta Van are celebrated.

Visitors can also view pictures of hardworking individuals at the same time. You may undoubtedly unwind here in complete comfort. Additionally, this is one of Sapa’s top communities to visit.

7. Ban Ho Village:

Located in the middle of Ban Den, Ban Ho is where the Muong Hoa and La Ve rivers meet. About 30 kilometers southwest of Sapa’s main town is where you’ll find the village. Dao, Mong, and Tay peoples live in Xeo Trung Ho, Ta Trung Ho, and Hoang Lien, the three main districts.

Ban Ho village boasts beautiful natural beauty, including romantic waterfalls, enormous terraced fields, and the bulk of unique cultural heritages, however it is further from the tourist center than other areas in Sapa. Recent years have seen Ban Ho make great use of its tourism potential, with the result that it is now one of the most visited places in the entire Sapa district.


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