Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected by Sapa Fantasea Trek, and we will make every effort to keep the information you provide confidential and secure. We safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data. This has to do with the information we were given in the following situations:

  • Requesting a brochure
  • Making a reservation
  • Filling out a tour registration form
  • Under any other agreement or arrangement

How are your private details used?

We can better serve you if we have the information you supply. When you contribute information about yourself for particular purposes, we only use it for those purposes (i.e., to provide the service or information you have requested). For operational purposes, we will need more information if you make a reservation with us.

We never give, sell, or rent your information to anyone else. We at Sapa Fantasea Trek oppose spam. If we send you information, it’s because you asked for it, you entered a contest and consented to join our mailing list, or a friend or coworker asked for it on your behalf.

Who views your information?

In order to accomplish our goals, we might share personal information with other employees inside the organization.

We may also give your personal information to third parties (like contractors to whom we subcontract certain services) for the same reasons we got it in the first place.

For instance, at this time, we employ independent contractors to

* Provide transportation options such as flights.

* Plan and conduct excursions.

* Offer hosting services for software and hardware applications.

In these circumstances, we forbid the third party contractor from using your personal information for any other reason than the one for which it was provided.

Unless otherwise permitted or required by law, or unless disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the law or to investigate a suspicion of illegal behavior, we will not release your personal information without your agreement in any circumstance other than those mentioned above.

Overseas information transfer

Any of your personal information that we collect from you may be transferred to people in other countries in order to achieve the goals outlined in this privacy statement (e.g. international offices of Vietnam Tour, airlines, hotels, tour operators and ground handlers).

Most of the time, the sharing of the information will be required in order for us to meet our commitments.

Anonymous data was gathered

Every visitor’s anonymous click-stream data is gathered in order to make sure that our websites are appropriate and relevant for the vast majority of visitors. Pages viewed, date, time, and browser type are all included. The type of domain and, in some situations, the geographic location are determined by IP addresses. We do not link any of this data to a specific visitor’s identity.

Website cookies

To make it easier to perform specific tasks, like reserving a reservation or entering a competition, we utilize cookies as you navigate across the pages of our websites. Cookies simply hold anonymous data; your personal information is never retrieved from them.


Links to other websites may be found on this website. Please be aware that clicking on one of these links will take you to another website. Because these websites’ privacy policies can differ from ours, we recommend you read theirs as well.