Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai village

As a community inhabited by the black H’Mong people and situated on a mountaintop, Lao Chai provides visitors with stunning views and a unique cultural experience.

Lao Chai Village is a must-see on every tour to Sapa, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and friendly residents.

Located in the Muong Hoa Valley, not far from Sapa town, lies the little community of Lao Chai. Here you will find both Giay and Black H’Mong people at home. The way they dress is usually the first clue for travelers. When compared to the H’Mong, whose clothing is generally more elaborately decorated and embroidered, the Giay are easily recognizable by the simplicity and bold color of their own attire. Visitors to this town are frequently met with open arms by its friendly locals. The locals are more than happy to teach you about their way of life, from the food they eat to the traditional games they play to the ways in which they celebrate major occasions. Travelers are encouraged to support local artisans by purchasing souvenirs made in traditional methods (such as brocade scarves, embroidered cushions, and ethnic instruments) that are valued both for their aesthetic value and their utilitarian use.

Lao Chai is almost in the heart of rice and maize terraces, allowing visitors to follow a tiny but lovely road through the fields while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding area. From this coming September until next spring’s April, the town of Lao Chai is at its most picturesque, thanks to the stunning rice terraces that dot the landscape. Great views of the settlement nestled in the mountains and the tranquility of the river can be had from the main road.

Want to experience the tranquil beauty of Lao Chai village and stay with a Black H’Mong family? Trekking enthusiasts can arrange for a tour to Sapa through travel agencies or tour operators in Hanoi.

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