About us

Dang Tam Trade Co., Ltd. is a privately held Vietnamese company based in Hanoi. We offer numerous informative, cultural, and active small-group tours in Sapa and Halong Bay, Vietnam. Our itineraries are crafted and updated based on the specific interests of our guests.

Our guests’ days are filled with experiences and activities. Everything we do brings us into close contact with the inhabitants and their cultures, including the various kinds of transportation, routes, and relaxed pace.

We travel to beautiful, off-the-beaten-path places so that our guests can cook, drink tea, share meals, and stay the night with people in their villages.

Our company’s tour guides are informed, skilled, courteous, and passionate about Vietnam and its people. They are determined to travel in a way that hurts the community and the environment as little as possible.

Our tours to Sapa are designed for small groups of travelers. We want our guests to use vehicles that emit the least amount of pollution and consume the least amount of gasoline. We offer the opportunity to utilize public transportation.

We prefer eating at neighborhood markets or small, locally-operated inns. In addition to providing locals with an income, this gives tourists a closer glimpse into Sapa, Vietnam’s culture.